The manifold collects the exhaust gases of multiple cylinders. The interactions between the different cylinders, and the pressure pattern in the tubes have an impact on the gas exchange process in the cylinders. Increasingly, cast manifolds are being replaced by fabricated manifolds.  This trend was driven by higher requirements that are easier to meet with fabricated manifolds.

Based on our customers' demands, we develop the design that offers optimum cost-effectiveness.

Double-wall air gap insulated manifold:

Product with gas-conducting interior parts (hydroformed, wrapped or shell design) and supporting exterior shells. Enhanced thermic behavior (faster catalyst light-off and a lower soaking behaviour) as well as an improved durability are the the advantages of this product, as well as the weight reduction compared to cast manifolds.

Single-wall tubular manifold in light-weight design:

Due to the adapted runner length of each pipe , the torque can be adapted to the requirements. Weight and cost reduction and the possibility of performing customer-specific sound tuning are further advantages of this design.

Single-wall fabricated manifold:

Cost reduction is to the fore with this product. Further strengths are the compact design and a weight reduction compared to cast manifolds.