Knowledge Based Manufacturing & Engineering

The Tenneco Knowledge Based Manufacturing & Engineering initiative (KBM&E) is a unique new way to include engineering and manufacturing knowledge in all steps of our development processes.


This technology provides access to process knowledge from the first design phase onwards by capturing tacit knowledge and documented standards and embedding them in our CAD applications.

This self-developed Tenneco methodology offers the following benefits:

  • Capture and dissemination of expert knowledge
  • Better adherence to standards
  • More design alternatives, less varations, fewer errors and fewer cycles
  • Shorter product development times
  • Lower product cost

With this innovation, Tenneco was a finalist in the IT category of the 2008 Pace Awards.

The main component of TEN KBM&E is a modular toolbox set of CAD-embedded applications for manufacturing and engineering compliant design. The TEN KBM&E content is based on an analytical method that continually captures and updates the knowledge of the main Tenneco manufacturing and engineering processes.

The introduction of this initiative has resulted in significant improvements in our design process in terms of lead time, quality, flexibility and costs.