Theory and Practice

Since years, Tenneco is in close cooperation with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). The Dual studies combine academic learning with direct application and expansion of knowledge in professional practice. Two partners, the university and Tenneco, take on the task of training qualified new recruits. After 3 years of studies the graduates have obtained a broad theoretical knowledge of their subject - as well as extensive practical business experience that cannot be acquired at any other university.

The degree programs at the DHBW last for three years. Alternating between theoretical and practical phases enriches the studies with diversity and variety. Graduates usually take on responsible, professional tasks from the very beginning.


Studies Focus Location

Bachelor of Arts  


Business administration, logistics, finance and accounting, controlling, human resources, purchasing Edenkoben

Bachelor of Arts 
Digital Business Management 

Business administration, logistics, computer siences, controlling, project management, digital processes and transformation Edenkoben

Bachelor of Engineering


Engineering, manufacturing, research & development Edenkoben

Bachelor of Mechatronic


Information technology, computer science, electronics, business administration and project management Edenkoben

Bachelor  of Industrial Engineering & Management


Controlling, project engineering, process planning Edenkoben

Dual Studies