Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is and will stay a industry with need for a lot of qualified junior staff. Our engineering students receive an education which offers fundamental academic and practical expertise knowledge, as well as a sense of responsibility and team-work capability.

Technical problems are analyzed and solved in an interdisciplinary context, always taking economic and ecologic aspects into account as well. Our students gain in-depth academic knowledge and at the same time are capable of carrying responsibility at a very early stage in their professional careers.

In the university of cooperative education natural science as well as micro electronics and computer science are taught- disciplines that are decisive for the technical future. In addition, the students are trained in the use of management skills and communication techniques.

In general, we train our students not only to have broad engineering skills and know-how, but also to be flexible, mobile and be able to work internationally.
Thus, we enable our students to develop their "soft skills" or "professional skills", such as teamwork and communications.


Interest in technical topics and enthusiasm for natural science. Final secondary school exam with an average of at least 2,5 in mathematics, physics and English.

Start date:
The start of he study is each year on October 1st.

Your Application:
Last date for applications is always October 31st of the prior year. The selection process (assessment and personal job interview) is finalized until the end of December.

If you prefer to send your application by E-mail, please use our application form, fill in the requested information and send the form with your meaningful application to:

Isabel Leonhardt

Tel. 06323/47-2017
Postal adress: Luitpoldstraße 83, 67480 Edenkoben

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