Business Administration

The program is divided into a general and a course-specific part. The general subjects consist of General Business Administration, Economics, Law, Mathematics, Statistics, Electronic Data Processing and Foreign Languages. The course-specific part industrial business administration describes its subject in detail. Academic and practical contents are precisely coordinated thus building a coherent entity. During the first two years, students obtain a diversified basic education. In the third and final year, they get a deeper insight into selected business functions and operational areas.

By the close interlocking of academic course work and on-the-job training, the quality of the education in Business Administration is not only a combination of the two learning locations, university and company. The integration of both locations in one learning-system leads to a new qualitative dimension of education in Business Administration. During their studies, the students earn expert knowledge, professional skills and professional experience in view of a later challenging management position at Tenneco. Additionally, soft skills like problem-solving abilities and personality development are important elements of our teaching philosophy.

At Tenneco the students work in the following departments: Human resources, finance & controlling, purchasing and our customer teams, who keep the closest contact to our customers.

Logical thinking ability, ability to abstract, interest in technical topics and enthusiasm for natural science. Final secondary school exam with an average of at least 2,5 in mathematics, physics, informatics and English.

Start date
The start of he study is each year on October 1st.

Your Application:
Last date for applications is always October 31st oft he prior year. The selection process (assessment and personal job interview) is finalized until the end of December.

If you prefer to send your application by E-mail, please use our application form, fill in the requested information and send the form with your meaningful application to:

Isabel Leonhardt

Tel. 06323/47-2017
Postal adress: Luitpoldstraße 83, 67480 Edenkoben

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Business Administration